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Lead Team

Daniel Carnahan CM Pastor envelope white
Paul Norquist Worship Pastor envelope white
Steve Keels North Pastor envelope white

Pastor Emeritus

Stu Weber Pastor Emeritus  envelope white
Joan Petersen Administrative Assistant  envelope white

Ministry Teams

Children’s Ministry

Daniel Carnahan CM Pastor  envelope white
Adrianne Haring Administrative Assistant  envelope white
Kathy Skinner Breakout Coordinator  envelope white
Danielle Bressel WBS/M2M Kids Coordinator  envelope white
Janna Schearer Nursery Leader  envelope white
Cary Gorham Pre School Leader  envelope white
Lani Russell Elementary Leader  envelope white
Mindy Nelson Safe Kids Coordinator  envelope white


First Touch – Hospitality

Alan Hlavka First Touch Pastor  envelope white
Rita Roalsen Administrative Assistant  envelope white
Kelly Loos Administrative Assistant  envelope white


Global Outreach &
Community Impact

Jonathan Martin Missions Pastor  envelope white
Rakel Thurman Administrative Assistant  envelope white
Pat Thurman Missionary Care  envelope white
Mindy Nelson Short-Term Teams Assistant  envelope white


Growth Groups

Drew Petersen Growth Group Pastor  envelope white
Linda Daiber Administrative Assistant  envelope white


Men’s Ministry

Steve Keels Men’s Ministry Pastor  envelope white
Stu Weber Coach To Men’s Ministry  envelope white
Pat Meyer Administrative Assistant  envelope white

Ministry to Women

Peri Layton Director  envelope white
Debbie Felzien Administrative Assistant  envelope white

North Services

Steve Keels North Pastor  envelope white
Adam Smouse Worship  envelope white
Pat Meyer Administrative Assistant  envelope white

Pastoral Care

Mary Murphy Administrative Assistant – Pastoral Care  envelope white

South Services

Paul Norquist Worship Pastor  envelope white
Bruce Wickersheim Worship Pastor  envelope white
Kelly Loos Administrative Assistant  envelope white
Jim Chase Media & Sound  envelope white
Rich Stafford Production  envelope white
Scott Jones Media & Sound  envelope white

Student Ministries

Josh Argubright High School Pastor  envelope white
Lenny Martin Middle School Pastor  envelope white
Jenny Ivester Ministry Director  envelope white
Tabitha Jones Ministry Assistant  envelope white


Tanya Atkins Accounting Director  envelope white
Kerry Jeffries Payroll / Staff Benefits / Contributions  envelope white
Ruth King Accounts Payable  envelope white


Buildings & Grounds

Doug Young Facilities Manager  envelope white
Bobby Atkins Assistant Facilities Manager  envelope white
Daron Burnell Custodial – Night Supervisor  envelope white
Andrew Hastings Grounds Keeper  envelope white


Common Grounds Cafe & Bookstore

Jeannette Strot Cafe Manager  envelope white

IT / Web / Data management

Jeff Loder Network Administrator  envelope white
Brenda Abelein Database Manager  envelope white


Julie Reed Librarian  envelope white


Louise VonBergen Kitchen Coordinator  envelope white


Linda Sirianni Receptionist  envelope white

Room Scheduling

Christi Hegar Facilities Scheduling  envelope white

Good Shepherd School

Greg Suminski Principal  envelope white
Linda Ojua Administrative Assistant  envelope white
Heidi Maxwell Kindergarten  envelope white
Ann Lewis
1st Grade  envelope white
Debbie Booth 2nd Grade  envelope white
Torii Schaefer 3rd Grade  envelope white
Marlyss Springer 4th Grade  envelope white
Debbie Vigil 5th Grade  envelope white
Kim Griffith 6th Grade  envelope white
Kitty Starr 7th Grade  envelope white
Tim Fier 8th Grade  envelope white
Jolene Cox
Discovery Center
 envelope white
Julie Reed
 envelope white
Kim Ellis
Resource Director
 envelope white
Kristina Etzel
Music Teacher
 envelope white
Susie Billstein
NILD Teacher
 envelope white
Vickie Mount
NILD Teacher
 envelope white
Lexi Culp
Art Teacher
 envelope white