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June 3, 2014
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Tuesday, July 8

We are in week two of demo.  The crew is finishing shaving off parts of the old building in preparation to eventually connecting to the new construction.  Once the the old is finished with demo, they will remove old concrete, prepare for new footings, foundations, grading, and courtyard and cafe concrete.  Below you will see a link to a general construction timeline and new picture.  Continue to watch in real time the construction cam.

Check out the Demo Cam

demo 7-8


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Tuesday, July 1

Demo has begun!!!  Check out the Demo Cam



Thursday, June 5

Carpet will be installed in S-107 to prepare the room to take on our displaced children.

Monday, June 8

Rooms in the A-wing (the building, not the Star Wars fighter) will be packed up for their move.

Tuesday, June 9

Those rooms will be officially moved, boxes and all, leaving the building ready for decommissioning and deconstruction!


We would appreciate prayers this week for the whole process, but you can specifically pray for these items:

  • There are a great deal of unknowns and challenges that will be presenting themselves as we transition our children from the only place they have known for nearly thirty years. Pray for that process.
  • There have been some delays with the bank that are beyond our control. We trust in God’s sovereignty in all of this, we would welcome your prayers that the remaining pieces needed to get started would fall into place quickly.
  • This is a project with a long view. Pray with us for the hearts of the children that will be impacted in this building over the next thirty-plus years.

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