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Good Shepherd Kids is all about kids meeting and knowing and living for God.  There is nothing better in life than following Jesus.  We focus on kids really knowing three big things about God.  We want kids to hear, to know, and to experience…

1. The awe of God
2. The unconditional grace of Jesus
3. And a daily friendship with the Holy Spirit

We also know that a child’s faith grows in relationships.  A child’s primary relationship is their family.  We are committed to walking with families as they lead their children to follow Jesus.  We are also committed to helping kids build friendships with others who are following Jesus.  And we want kids to be connected with group leaders who can be an additional consistent influence as kids begin to follow Jesus.

This is what we have going on in Good Shepherd Kids:


  • NurseryBirth – 3 year old
  • Preschool Four, Five, Kindergarten
  • Elementary 1-6 grade                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Mid- Week                           


All God’s Children –  We desire a place for children of all abilities.

Safe Kids Training Dates   

Safe Kids Training Information

We know it’s important to keep your kids safe.  Every volunteer in our ministry has had a background check and attended a Safe Kids training class.  Every three years, a new background check is done and volunteers either take an on line review or attend an updated training.