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Global Outreach Staff:

Directory of Global Outreach Staff


Global Outreach Statement


Global Outreach is ministry that takes place beyond Good Shepherd’s immediate sphere of influence with the purpose of establishing and strengthening the church of Jesus Christ.


What do we do in Global Outreach?

  •  We focus primarily on cross-cultural ministries.
  • We believe that cultural distance is more significant than geography.
  • We strongly emphasize ministry to unreached people groups over those groups that already have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. This doesn’t mean, however, that we will be driven by statistics. God’s instructions are personal and His heart extends to ALL the lost worldwide.
  • We desire to demonstrate a passion for the establishment and strengthening of indigenous churches throughout the world.
  • We want to reflect Christ’s heart by ministering to the totality of human need.
  • We are committed to update strategy and methodology, continually inviting and pursuing new ministry ideas.


Our Global Outreach Strategy

We have four key parts of our strategy:

  1. We substantially support a number of Global Outreach Staff members- missionaries- whom we have sent out (through established agencies and organizations) to establish and strengthen churches around the world. We send out those who will serve LONG-TERM, and also those who will only serve 1 – 2 years –MID-TERMERS.
  2. We support the work of agencies and organizations, which share in our priorities, and philosophies of ministry.
  3. We send short-term teams to be involved in evangelism or short-term projects in other cultures.
  4. We make a conscious effort to educate The Body about Global Needs, both physical and spiritual.


Our Approach to SENDING:

Good Shepherd Community Church has acquired a reputation for being a very “missions–minded” church. What many people do not understand is that Good Shepherd is fundamentally different than most churches in its approach to missions. In most churches, someone senses God’s call, applies to a mission organization, gets accepted, and then goes from church to church and person to person raising money. Good Shepherd seeks to be the exception to this general view of looking at missions. Our philosophy is not been to see how many missionaries we can throw a little money at, but rather how we can truly be a part of the lives of our missionaries, and how they can truly be a part of Good Shepherd.

Because of this approach to sending…

  • Good Shepherd sees its role to raise up, equip and train, and send out those who have proven themselves faithful and fruitful here at home.
  • It is our purpose to support our Global Outreach Staff substantially.
  • As the sending church, we also see ourselves as a significant source of authority in the lives of our Global Outreach staff.

For more information regarding what is required to be sent out as Good Shepherd Global Outreach Staff see the Global Outreach statement.  To read more in depth download our Global Outreach Statement document.