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The Short-Term Teams outreach at Good Shepherd is an important part of our “Going”. We want to encourage as many people as possible to take advantage of short-term opportunities. We recognize that short-term teams can’t substitute for those who will go to live long term in a culture, incarnating the gospel of Christ, however, there is still value in short-term ministry. (John 1:14).

The Value of Short-Term Ministries

  • Short-term opportunities can provide valuable experience for those considering longer-term involvement.
  • God can use short-term workers to introduce people in other parts of the world to Christ.
  • Short-termers can sometimes take greater risks in evangelism than longer-term workers.
  • Short-term experiences can have a major impact in the lives of those who go when they are able to work with and learn from veteran workers and national leaders.
  • When short-term teams return home, they bring valuable cross-cultural experiences and new enthusiasm for global outreach to Good Shepherd. This helps keep global outreach at the forefront of our purpose as a church.
  • Short-term teams provide opportunities for our people to develop faith and confidence in God as they learn to minister through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

Priorities for Short-Term Teams

  • Our Global Outreach leaders are constantly looking for new places for short-term teams. Highest consideration is given to opportunities which: Serve or benefit current Good Shepherd Global Outreach staff members. If the Global Outreach staff requests a team, priority is given to this.
  • Have adequate provision for follow-up on the field after our short-term workers have returned home.
  • Provide short-term workers with the greatest amount of hands-on ministry in cross-cultural situations.
  • Provide the greatest exposure, and potentially most effective ministries, for the lowest financial cost.

Short-Term Team Qualifications

Candidates for our teams generally should:

  1. Be at least 16 years of age and have parental approval, if living at home.
  2. Be active participants in church life for at least a year. (It’s best if those going on short term teams have had prior experience with our in-town and out-of-town 5-Day Clubs.)
  3. Show strong evidence of a consistent Christian walk. Be a couple of years removed from any traumatic events and certain addictions in your life.
  4. Have demonstrated an interest in evangelism and discipleship.
  5. Be recommended by church leadership.