A Few Updates on Worship

by | Aug 3, 2018

We are thankful to the Lord for bringing all of our church family back into the South auditorium for worship. This was a high priority for the elders. While it was possible to lead in this direction, difficult decisions had to be made; the type of decisions that most of us feel strongly about because we all care deeply for worshiping our Lord.

Classic Service

The initial vision for the classic service was to begin with the timeless hymns. We are so thankful for Bruce. He is doing a fantastic job. As Bruce continues to lead worship at classic, we have asked him to also help lead our seniors ministry. Beginning in September, Bruce will be leading two adventures each month. Some wonderful day trips are being planned; be on the lookout for more details. One final note on the classic service, we are working toward building ensembles and a choir, as well as expanding the song bank. Please continue to pray for Bruce, David and the team as they unfold the vision for the classic service. If you’d like to jump in and get involved, now is a great time to reach out to Bruce.

Modern Service

It has been a joy to experience the passion and energy of the modern worship services. We are very thankful for Adam Smouse and Eric Coppom who have led us well. Over the past number of months, Adam has shared with us how the Lord is pointing him in a new direction. Adam has served Good Shepherd well for a couple years, and just to be clear, he was not asked to leave. Adam came to us sharing how the Lord is directing him. Let’s be thankful to God for sharing Adam with us for as long as he did, and let’s lift Adam up in prayer and encouragement as he transitions. We have given him a relaxed and flexible schedule over this past month to free him up as he requested; in addition, we are continuing his pay and insurance for the entire month of August without work responsibilities.

One question that has been asked is about the 11:30 modern service. The question is whether we need the 11:30 service in light of fewer people attending it. Approximately, 300 people currently attend the 11:30 while there are 500 people on Saturday and nearly 1,000 people attending the 10:00 modern service. In light of the smaller attendance, do we need the 11:30 service? We believe the answer is an unequivocal YES. There is no room to grow the 10:00 modern service because the parking lot is full, especially during the rainy months when we have to close the grass lot. Since most people attend church Sunday mornings, that leaves the 11:30 service with space to grow not only in the auditorium but more importantly in the parking lot. If the Lord is prompting you to help Good Shepherd more effectively reach our community, we would invite some of you who attend 10:00 service to move to the 11:30 service. The 10:00 service, by far, is the choice of first time attenders. If there is more parking freed up, guests to Good Shepherd would have an even better first experience worshiping the Lord.

Thank you for your faithful prayers as we desire to obediently follow the Lord as he leads us in the development of our worship services. If you would like to audition as a musician or vocalist for the modern services, please reach out and let us know. You can talk to the team on the weekends or call the office.