About Us

Good Shepherd was founded as a small group of people wanting to do the Bible. Over 40 years later, that group of people has become a multi-generational community of disciples from every generation who creatively make disciples of Jesus.

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Good Shepherd is led by

an experienced, educated and humble group of men who empower our pastors and staff as they lead our community of disciples from every generation to creatively make disciples of Jesus.


Our community of disciples

is filled with Bible-believing people that are focused on modeling Jesus in our words, our works and our ways.


Just like Jesus, we LOVE our GS Kids!

We want nothing more than for them to learn how to know God and live a life with Him! We want our kids to be safe, secure, and spiritual cared for in a way that parents are excited to drop them off every week knowing it’s more than just childcare.


The future of the church

is our students! We desire for each young man and woman who walk through our doors to realize that they’re known and loved by Jesus and our church. Each student gathering is prayerfully designed for all to encounter Jesus in new, fun and fresh ways. Each student will come each week to a safe and welcoming space to explore the love of Jesus together.