Argentina 2023 Team 2

Meet the Argentina 2023 Team 2

This team is an extension of Argentina Teams because of previous team leader’s vision to reach the firefighters in Argentina. As many of you know we were able to obtain a surplus fire truck and help ship it to a community in Argentina [Mar del Plata]. Because of the relationship built with Alberto, the Fire Chief, we have been invited there to help train some teams from all over that area. We will be training 30-50 Fire Fighters over a 2-week period. Argentina is wide open to the Gospel and invite us into the different fire stations for an evening of barbecue and sharing. We will be taking used and surplus equipment donations given from individuals and fire departments. We will be sharing our testimonies and the Gospel as we share training techniques. Our team leaves October 7 and will return to the states on October 21.

Team Roster:

  • Mark Fortin
  • Steve Bass
  • Mike Pollard

Prayer Requests:

  • That we are able to put together a training schedule for the firefighters that would be effective, but that would not make us look like we are superior or that we know it all.
  • That we can figure out how to get all the donated supplies to Argentina.
  • For our preparations, planning, and travel.
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