Argentina Team 1 Update #5

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Taco/testimony night was a lot of fun and went over well. Josh shared his testimony and the Holy Spirit was present. The kids were touched and although we won’t know the long term effects, it was very meaningful and seeds were planted. We were able to say our goodbyes, exchange gifts, and make a safe drive to Buenas Aíres. We will miss the Hogar and the loving people there.

We ask that you do not let up praying, a few more team members are sick. We are also packing bags and preparing for our flight back to the states tonight. Our flight departs at 9:20 pm Argentina time [5:20 pm Pacific].

We have been enjoying the city, however, there is an active demonstration going on and the streets are packed! Thousands of people, at least a mile long of people. Please pray for safety amongst the people here, the travelers, the foreigners, and our team.  Looking forward to touching down in Houston tomorrow morning and home to Portland by noon.

[Standing in front of the ‘office of the president – compared to United States White House]

[Obelisk – Town Center – to commemorate the flying of the Argentina Flag]

[Thousands of people gathered and marching in a demonstration for some type of workers rights – a coffee shop employee apologized for the situation, told us to be careful and stay inside until they passed… there’s always two sides to every story]

[Messi street art]

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