Argentina Team 2 Update #13

Today we had a nice fellowship together in the morning. We have been doing a devotional every morning and today we just kept talking and sharing as a group. We prayed for one another and Tom Cooney shared about some of his memorization and Bible study strategies.

We had lunch with the kids in one of the “microhogars” and some of us ended up playing a version of soccer with one of the kids for a while. It was really just kicking a ball around but I did issue an imaginary yellow card, of course followed by a red card. If we are going to pretend, then let’s go “all in.”

Around 4pm, we headed out to visit the San Nicolas fire station. One Firefighter there remembered me and showed us some of the things they were working on. Last time I visited, we donated 12 sets of turnouts to the station and this Firefighter, Emeliano, still had his and regularly uses them. He also showed us all the equipment he is making for the department. There is no funding, so tools either need to be donated or built. So Emeliano has helped build and weld patient rescue baskets, rescue harnesses, stabilization struts, and even the halligan he is holding in the picture. Emeliano seemed like a great guy and I saved his info to my phone so we can stay in touch.

We ended the night by having dinner with David, Bettina, Vilma, and her husband. They are all part of running the children’s home and we were happy to honor them at a nice restaurant. 

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