Argentina Team 2 Update #5

First day of class!
We got up, ate some breakfast, and headed over to the classroom to teach basic fire strategy and tactics. It was a lot of power point, but the firefighters asked some great questions throughout the day. On one of our 10 minute breaks, Alberto took us to a nearby soap factory and gave us a tour. We saw the whole process from grinding up animal parts, rendering the fat, to cooling it, adding citronella, and packaging the bar. I could show you pictures, but it might ruin soap for you. Tomorrow, we are going to use the soap factory to practice search techniques in conjunction with a fire attack team moving with a hose line. Albertos 10 minute tour was actually an hour and the firefighters were ready to finish up the presentations when we got back. It was a great first day of introductions and building rapport. In the picture, Mark and Tom Cooney are wrapping the day up with a review of how to force open a door with some special tools.
Alberto has continued working on freeing our equipment bags from Customs timeout. Even he is having a hard time making progress with his high level connections so we feel a little better about our own efforts and results. Sometimes the Lord “taketh” and doesn’t “giveth” back what we are expecting.
We are on the lookout for opportunities to share our own personal stories of how God has impacted our lives and the lessons we have learned. Please pray that we will notice an opportunity and that we use it to the fullest extent. 
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