Argentina Team 2 Update #9

Sometimes I like to watch rally car racing videos on YouTube. It’s amazing how the driver and copilot communicate to navigate through the twists and turns on an unpaved road. For some reason, they always sound like they have an Australian or British accent. “Straight 200 meetahs, sloight left 50 meetahs, hahd roight, then straightaway.” If they do it right, they pass through some really treacherous roads as their helmets bang around inside the cab. That’s what I am reminded of as I watch Tom Cooney and Tom Feeney from the back seat. Always calm Cooney asking for directions and ever-the-optimist Feeney interpreting Google maps back to our driver. I’m not sure what all the rules of the road are here, but it definitely seems like you can just do whatever you want. Bouncing around in the backseat, feeling every single road imperfection and frequently looking out my side window to see rapidly approaching vehicles and narrowly missed pedestrians, all I can think is “Croiky, Mate!”
We’ve spent most of our day driving after picking up our laundry this morning. Since we’re doing the majority of our travels today [6 hours down/2 to go], tomorrow should be a short jaunt into San Nicolas.
Last night was a great visit to the volunteer station in Sierra de Los Padres. Steve shared his testimony which really resonated with several Air Force Vets that were there. Steve’s Chemistry background also formed a connection, or “bond” if you will [#dadjoke], with the wife of a volunteer who is a Chemist.
The Chief at the station talked about having no ambulance available on a call and watching someone die in his arms. My crew and I experienced something very similar a few months ago and the Chief’s story provided me another opportunity to share how God has eased my emotional burdens. I could tell the Chief was feeling my words and the other Firefighters there appreciated the perspective.
Some of the Firefighters were at the training when Mark shared his testimony and they reiterated how much they appreciated his willingness to speak about it. 
Eating grilled meat so late is catching up to some of us. When we stopped for lunch 4/6 of us ordered salads. Some of the team promised their wives that they would eat vegetables on this trip. So, if you’re worried about your husband, there’s a great chance he ate his veggies today!
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