Biblical Discipleship

by | Jan 5, 2019

Today we’ll be talking with Steve Keels, Discipleship Pastor at Good Shepherd who has been an active pastor for the past 35 years. We talk about the history of discipleship at Good Shepherd and the importance of knowing God’s word. We also look at biblical discipleship through the lens of Paul and his life, as we discuss how he discipled the early churches. We close the episode with examples of how discipleship has directly affected Steve’s life.

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  • We grow by learning, and the goal of discipleships is to foster a thirst for knowledge in God’s word.
  • The most important friendship is the one that develops when you are studying the Word.
  • Challenging people without cynicism, asking questions and them asking, is how to make them want to learn themselves.
  • If you really study it, you can apply anything from the Bible. You just need to spend enough time with it.
  • Model your relationships to Paul’s in which we are all related in Christ.
  • You’re not a project today to someone who is discipling you.