Church Values

by | Aug 18, 2018

In this week’s episode, we talk about the core values of our church and how they relate to mission and vision statements. During the conversation, Bob shared the discovery process he and the church leadership team used to identify a number of core values that are at the heart of Good Shepherd.  We walk through each of the 7 values including what it means to be a family on mission, truth to worship, and the importance of bridge building.

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  • Takeaways
    • Core values are essential guiding principles of the church.
    • Core values are “how” questions not “why”.

    In This Episode

    • Why core values are important.
    • How intentionality is important in both private and spiritual life.
    • Why millennials are leaving church.
    • Why creativity is important within the church.
    • How to ensure everyone aligns with the values of the church.
    • How the process of defining core values done in Good Shepherd
    • How to multiply disciples.