SafeKids Training

Thank you for considering serving with us! Children’s safety is our top priority. Thoroughly screening applicants is one important step we take to accomplish this goal. Thanks for taking the time to walk through this process. The whole process will take about 45 minutes (including watching the videos). We will follow up with you after we have had the chance to review all the materials. For your convenience, the steps are listed below. Please complete all four steps as quickly as possible so that there aren’t any delays in beginning to serve on a team!

  1. Submit Background Check Form
  2. Submit SafeKids Application
  3. Watch all six (6) SafeKids Training videos (approx. 34 minutes total)
  4. Take the SafeKids Quiz

If you have any questions regarding the SafeKids process please contact our SafeKids team at: 503-663-5050 ext. 289

SafeKids Training Videos