God is creative. Only five words into the Bible we discover the first of His attributes. He took the formless and void and filled it with stars, planets, and life. Everything was created by His Word. Everything except mankind. In an incredible act of attention and care, He formed us out of the earth and animated us with His breath. He created us in His image. In bearing His image, we are also creative. We have been hardwired to create—to make art, music and leadership that reflect the creativity of our God.

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Kingdom to Culture

We believe Jesus is calling His Church to step back into how God designed us – as creatives – to express His creativity. Kingdom to Culture is a response to that call. A creative initiative designed to find and foster a creative community through intentional environments and gatherings.


Not many things shape a culture like its songs. Encouraging the development of music and musicians will help shape the overall culture of our church and community. Years ago, Good Shepherd began work on a Music Studio, but it was unfinished. Until now. The studio is now nearing completion and we are looking forward to all God has in store for that space.

Visual Arts

Photography. Videography. Graphic design. Art. Each of these are visual representations of God’s creativity. We desire to bring together creatives from various fields to advance the kingdom of God.

Thought Leadership

Great ideas are generated when challenges of the day are met by creative thinkers. While God has given us human intelligence, He offers something far greater—spiritual wisdom. Thought Leadership is the idea of discipling and nurturing the mind of Christ within creatives.