Culture of Prayer

by | Jan 5, 2019

Christmas Eve was such a special time to worship our Lord with our church family and a whole lot of guests to Good Shepherd. Over Christmas weekend, we had more than 4,500 people worship our Savior! Often, an ungodly suspicious attitude can enter our minds and criticize that too many people are Christmas and Easter only attendees. Yet, I am so thankful to our Lord that He gives them the grace to come at all. At least, we have the opportunity to declare our love for Jesus and invite them to join us in the journey. One of the incredible outcomes to the weekend was hearing from new attendees the weekend following Christmas services via communication cards and the GS App communication card. Seven new families asked for more information about the church as they are making this their new home. As you know, most people don’t write a communication card, so we celebrate in faith that the Lord is at work. Will you join me in praying for these new families as they begin their spiritual journey with us here at Good Shepherd?

Speaking of prayer, my spirit is being impressed that we should continue to deepen our culture of prayer. Good Shepherd has a wonderful prayerful attitude. Just as Paul was bragging on the Thessalonians, he exhorted them to grow even more abundantly and while their love was increasing he said to keep growing and increasing in love. I pray you will join us in deepening our prayer lives in 2019. After speaking to a number of people to get their recommendations for a book that has been influential in their lives, we would like to encourage you to read the book entitled Prayer: Experiencing the Awe and Intimacy with God by Tim Keller. Our coffee shop will have it in stock soon. We have scheduled four worship, prayer and community evenings for 2019; I hope you’ll join us. Also, we have been working on digital discipleship on prayer. What that means is this: we are recording short videos which teach about prayer. These will be helpful prayer tips to deepen your personal prayer walk with the Lord. We will let you know when they are ready and available.

One item of prayer our church has been focused on has been the special offering for the Family Center. The Family Center is the primary location where we are discipling our kids from birth through 6th grade. We are discipling to grow in the words, works and ways of Jesus. The year-end generosity was wonderful. More than $130,000 has come in so far! Thank you and great job. Would you continue to pray as we were about $100,000 short of our overall goal for the year-end to keep on track with a 7-year payoff? If you have children and grandchildren who are being discipled in the Family Center would you pray to see if the Lord would have you partner with us?

This February 1st, we are bringing the Work & Life Balance event. I am personally very excited to gather a group of people who desire God’s best in our work lives, His best in our family lives and His best in the lives of our friends. What’s challenging is finding a healthy balance in these core areas. For me, as I have attempted to excel in one area, one of the other two areas suffered. So, how do we pursue all three core and godly areas simultaneously in a godly balanced way? As we pursue God’s direction, we will definitely be having a lot of fun that evening – there will be great live music, delectable delicacies, a game and we are giving away some amazing gifts. You won’t want to miss it. 

Come join us this weekend as we advance our sermon series entitled IMITATE. We will be digging into 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2.