Kenya Team Update #4

Fruits, Fires and Friendships:

Our Monday adventure with the Ogiek/Dorobo people of Mt. Eburru

Shel’s ministry for Christ is clearly bearing fruit within the [First Nation] Ogiek/Dorobo people, evidenced by how the Holy Spirt is cultivating their hearts for the glory of God. Not all seven of the Ogiek men we spent time with are Christian, but God is working in all of them. One shared how he met Shel as a child, was saved, and now as a grandfather is in a family of believers.
Our team spent the day with our new friends as they guided us through the Eburu forest. They showed us how to start a fire with sticks and smoked bees from one of their 1,000 forest hives to harvest honey. We began bonding as we shared the sweet snack together.
We hiked several miles, upwards of 9,000 ft in elevation, hearing stories about their ancestors and learning about the ways they used the forest plants and animals to thrive. We mourned with them over the forest being taken from them and prayed their use of it be returned.
Sitting around a campfire, we bonded as we shared hunting stories and drank freshly brewed Erubat tea (a medicinal root tea that helps with post-hiking joint pain]. The fruits of being like-minded brothers in Christ was evident, and a witness to the non-believers among us. 

After stopping at a volcanic steam vent and marveling at the heat created by a fire deep below, we ended our time in prayer.

To God be the glory for the Ogiek people coming to know Jesus and for blessing our team with a chance to fellowship with them.

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