Kenya Team Update #5

We were instructed by Shel to get rest the night before a long day of evangelism, so we had a late breakfast and some recreation time with him before another language lesson.
We made the drive up to Eburu around to the north side of the mountain. Our destination was the A.I.C. Songoroi Primary School, to show the Jesus Film in Swahili. We were greeted by song from some of the older students and then planted symbolic Acacia trees with them. 200+ students then, crammed into a small school room at the end of their school day to see the film.
Bwana Asifiwe [the Lord be Praised] Amen!

As the sun began to set, we hiked up and gathered at the church nearby for prayer and Chai. The villagers are always excited to show Shel [BabaMalindi] the updates they’ve made to their building.

They’ve walled off an office space and another space to be used as a kitchen to prepare the meals and tea, which often accompany their services.
We hurried down and drove way up the other side of the mountain to a home in order to get the screen and projector set up outside before dark. This time the film would be shown in the Maa language, as the Maasai people have settled in the area, intermingling with the Dorobo. We started the film at dark, and it became a beacon for the surrounding villagers to come and see the gospel in their language. For most of them the first and only time they will see a movie translated in their language. Again, we were warmly welcomed into the house and served a traditional Ugali [a boiled dense cornmeal] and Sukumu [a mixture of spinach and kale] We are continually amazed by the fruit of the work that has been done here, and awestruck to watch more seeds get planted.
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