Kenya Team Update #7

The Gathering of God’s People 

Greetings from Kenya and specifically from the churches and individual Christians we’ve met; they all send their greetings to encourage you in your faith. And thank you [asante] for continuing to pray for our team as we seek to glorify God with all we’re doing here. We’ve been blessed to witness the amazement and gratitude of new, established, and yet-to-be believers alike, receiving audio bibles and the Book of Luke [printed] in their Kalenjin language.

Day 10 and our team continues to feel the Holy Spirit’s presence as we travel to and from different areas and churches, becoming comfortable with being out of our comfort zones. We have spent several days with different [scattered] clans of the Gao Maragwet Ogiek, accompanying Reverend Silas. We are in a region approximately 200 kilometers northwest of Naivasha.

Pastor Silas is in the back

Based out of Eldama Ravine Missionary Center for two nights, we spent yesterday visiting people near Kapchebelal. We met, prayed and shared time with the Ogiek at Kibonge Full Gospel Church before showing the Jesus Film. We traveled rutted dirt roads through the forest and farmlands to AIC Tambul, stopping along the way to hear ancestral stories and meet more people.

Gathering in AIC Tambul, two nations and many clans worshiped the one true God together in song, stories and a traditional meal. Bwana Asifiwe [The Lord be Praised]!

Last night we stayed at Simeon’s house in the village of Kibonge. He is a church leader who blessed a group of 25 with a feast, having slaughtered a sheep for our visit. The food kept being served and all of it was delicious.

We shared beds in his family’s home, reminiscent of Junior High retreats. Simeon speculated there will likely be a lot of village talk about him hosting white men and about white men staying in their village. We pray our stay will be an encouragement to them, signifying their importance to God and to us because of Christ.

We feel your prayers and are being uplifted and encouraged by them! Please continue to pray for our team’s health and wellbeing, for all people in Kenya, and that the good news of the Gospel reach every tribe, clan and people group in this amazing place.

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