Kenya Team Update #8

We woke up at Simeon’s house, our lack of sleep being offset by such a memorable experience. Multiple grown men squeezing into double beds made for a night of laughter.

After a full breakfast, Simeon and his family sent each of us off with a gift, and we were also able to leave him a new knife and a solar powered audio bible.

Our next adventure took us to the Kerio Valley, down a long, winding, rutted out, dirt road. We visited an AIC church in Ketigoi next to a school. The church had been there since 1964. Many members had never seen a white person, as it’s a long trek, deep into the valley. Some were more apprehensive at first than we had previously encountered, but once we introduced ourselves, they began to warm up. After singing and praying together, we showed them the Jesus Film.

During the film, some of us went outside where dozens of young men had gathered to play soccer. One came over to us as they were having issues with their ball, and in God’s providence, we had one left to give away. That led to long conversations with a large group of young men where we got language lessons, laughed together and talked about Jesus and why we had come.

After the film, we shared a delicious late lunch of rice, beans, potatoes and pineapple with the church members. We encouraged them, gave out bibles, and brainstormed some ideas about how to reach the youth who had gathered to play a soccer match in the neighboring field.

We have remarked to one another multiple times that we can feel your prayers, so thank you (asante!), and continue to pray for us as we wrap up our time in this area of Kenya on Monday before heading back to Naivasha on Tuesday. 

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