Love Rockwood

by | Aug 25, 2018

Today I’m chatting with Krisiti Knifong. Kristi is a long-time member at Good Shepherd and she is also the Local Outreach Administrator. We discuss what Kristi’s day-to-day activities look like in the role and how her position helps coordinate and lead Good Shepherd’s local outreach efforts.

One of the focuses of Kristi’s work is Rockwood – one of the poorest areas in Oregon. We discuss why the area of Rockwood was chosen as a focus and the initiatives Good Shepherd is taking. Kristi also shares stories showing the impact of outreach efforts in the Rockwood community.

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  • The Give 5 Challenge – created to help people find opportunities how to help and give five hours this summer.
  • The Five Causes for Local Help: Love a Child, Love a School, Love the Lonely, Love the Hungry, and Love Rockwood.

In This Episode

  • Why Rockwood became a focus of Good Shepherd outreach.
  • What are the main goals of outreach in Rockwood?
  • What are the tools needed for outreach?
  • How can listeners pray for those working in Rockwood?