Love Rockwood

by | Jun 8, 2018

This weekend, we will be sharing our summer strategy for Good Shepherd to love on Rockwood. Why now? Why there?

A Shared Vision for Local Missions

When I was being interviewed for the position of your lead pastor, the elders shared their strong desire that Good Shepherd would bring Jesus’ love to nearby communities. Rockwood is one of those communities that needs our love.

The elders’ challenge was music to my ears. Over these last five years, God had lit a fire in my belly for local outreach. Back in Michigan, God blessed our efforts in Detroit and Pontiac; two local communities that are economically and spiritually challenged. Our motto was “find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.” Our goal was to discover ten needs a community had, and then pick three needs that our church could actually do something about. God mobilized our church to bring the love of Jesus to Detroit and Pontiac. This led us to meet a number of physical, emotional and spiritual needs. God produced incredible fruitfulness not only in those two communities, but also in God’s people who engaged in meeting the needs of these people.

Merely a Beginning

Knowing that Good Shepherd’s leadership (elders + pastoral team) has long held a desire to increase local outreach efforts, a team of people began meeting to pray and research local missions. God was breaking our hearts for many different communities; there is great need all around us. One leadership lesson many of us have learned is “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” So, where do we begin? What community would the Lord have us launch? Hopefully, this will be our first of many communities to serve. Consistently during this time of prayer and consideration, elders, pastors and local outreach volunteers pointed us to Rockwood.

In December, we filled the lobby with different venues for us to experience Rockwood. Do you remember the homeless shelter? During January, we invited you to write prayer cards and place them on the prayer wall. Thousands of prayers cards were placed on the wall for Rockwood. Pastors Alan and Jonathan, as well as their team, have prayed, done the research, met with many Rockwood leaders and have presented the proposal to the elders. It’s time for us as a body to take one step further and show our love to Rockwood in actions we take as individuals, families, and small groups.

This weekend, Alan and I will be sharing the summer strategy to Love Rockwood. We will also be taking a special offering for the Vision Fund – Local Outreach. Our goal is $75,000. It’s our prayer you would prayerfully consider how God may have you engage Rockwood to share Jesus’ love.