the Makings

by | Sep 7, 2018

It begins this weekend!

More than fifty Good Shepherd leaders, pastors and young families have been working for three months on our new series entitled The Makings. For the next eight weeks, we will explore the Mission, Vision and Core Values of Good Shepherd. This is not a series you passively listen to, but instead it is a series you will experience. From the moment you get to the doors and walk into the lobby, you will begin The Makings experience. Beyond the weekend, there is still time to join a group to explore in more depth what Good Shepherd is made of. Find new friendships in these 8-week groups.

Following the service, every family will be given a booklet. With this, you can see the entire landscape of who we are as we answer the why, how and what questions. Before you leave, put your mark on the lobby experience. Each week, we will invite you to write something specific on the lobby experience. For this weekend, we will ask you to write one word that comes to your mind when you think of the Father, the Son and the Spirit.

After you have written your God-Word on the lobby experience, head over to the North auditorium for the LEAP Event. You can learn about our ministries and meet the ministry leaders. If you want to take a significant step in your spiritual life this fall, it will require a leap of faith. The LEAP Event will be in the North this weekend and next weekend.