Reaching out in Jesus’ name to our community and the world is one of our primary goals. Not only are we working to bring the Gospel message of hope and love, but we’re also serving those that need a helping hand.

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Jesus tells us that His message is one that all nations are in need of. For that reason, we passionately send that message all over the world. Whether it’s through families, missions trips or finances, we are committed to giving Jesus to as many people as we can.

Spreading the Good News of Jesus through Global Outreach is one of our biggest passions at Good Shepherd. There are many ways to partner with the missionaries that we support, but our most valuable resource is always prayer! Prayerline is our way of bringing awareness to the work that our missionaries are doing overseas, how they are doing personally, and what their needs are. Join us in supporting our missionaries through prayer by taking part in Prayerline!


Local Outreach connects you, your family or small group with the best ministry fit so you can reach out in His name. From serving the homeless a meal to helping a child learn to read; there’s a way for you to express God’s love in our community.