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Digital Evangelism

"Just as I absolutely love when my daughters come to me asking for my help ... my heavenly Father loves when I draw near to him in prayerful moments" Today I’m chatting with Justin Watson, the Communications Pastor at Good Shepherd.Justin shares how he came to be at...

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Worshiping As One

Today Sean talks with David Price – Worship and Production Director at Good Shepherd Community Church. David takes us through the process that goes into planning the worship services at Good Shepherd. He also shares the decision-making process behind sound, lighting...

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A Theology Of Work

Today we discuss a theology of work and what it means to be actively engaged with our work in a God-honoring way. We also spend time looking at Paul’s advice to the Thessalonians in 2 Thessalonians 3. Although work can sometimes be difficult, it is inherently a good...

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Balancing Life and Work – Part 2

Today’s episode is part two of our discussion on work-life balance. Last episode, we looked at what drives us to become imbalanced. In this episode, we focus on a number of key tips that can help you balance life and work. The goal of this discussion is to refocus our...

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Balancing Life and Work – Part 1

Today’s episode is part one of a discussion on work-life balance. We look at what drives us to become imbalanced, the role technology plays in that process and Pastor Bob shares some personal examples of how life has been affected by work-life balance issues in the...

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Biblical Discipleship

Today we’ll be talking with Steve Keels, Discipleship Pastor at Good Shepherd who has been an active pastor for the past 35 years. We talk about the history of discipleship at Good Shepherd and the importance of knowing God’s word. We also look at biblical...

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Christ Centered Friendship – Part 2

In this episode, we continue the conversation with Bob and Greg. This time we focus on some of the personal, health, and relationship challenges Greg and Bob have faced. We also talk about how their faith in God helped them to surmount each of these challenges. ...

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Christ Centered Friendship – Part I

Today Greg Cahalan joins the show, Greg is the Student Ministry Pastor at Good Shepherd.In this episode, we share stories of Bob and Greg’s friendship and how they grew together and encouraged each other to pursue their God-given callings.We also spend time discussing...

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God’s Will vs. Our Will

On today’s episode we focus on God’s will – what we mean when we say God’s will and how that looks in our lives. We look at the importance of submitting our own desires and will to God’s plan and discuss what it means to accept God’s will in our lives and the pitfalls...

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Walking Together

Today we'll catch up on events since our last episode before jumping into our main topic – the importance of community with other believers. Pastor Bob shares the evidence for the importance of community since the very beginning of creation. We then look at different...

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