dorobo outreach project

Overseen by Global Outreach Staff Shel Arensen, the Dorobo Outreach Project works with the Dorobo tribe in Kenya. This year, we would like to help farmers stabilize their rain catchment in order to irrigate their crops. In addition, we are helping to add a few dairy animals that they will be able to feed with those crops and provide milk for their families.

Education Matters

Overseen by Global Outreach Staff Paul Meier, Education Matters gives Thai children and families hope for a much better future. Many families in Thailand have to choose between paying for basic necessities like food or paying for school. We would like to partner with Education Matters by covering a portion of these school fees, giving families an incentive and a means to keep their children in school. Children will be able to attend school and ultimately find employment that can support their family and dream of a better future.

Josiah Venture Ukraine Relief Fund

Josiah Venture has been active in the Balkan region for over 25 years and are uniquely suited to work alongside churches in Ukraine as they minister to their communities. We would like to continue partnering with them to get much needed supplies into the country and these churches, who will then distribute them to the areas directly impacted by the war.

Middle East Medical

Together with partners in the area, we would like to sponsor a weekly medical clinic at an Evangelical church that primarily serves refugees. When people come to the clinic, family doctors will treat patients free of charge. Treating the physical needs of the community opens doors to addressing spiritual needs with the gospel.

My Father’s House

My Father’s House is a local, gospel-based family shelter that focuses on getting people back on their feet through housing, financial literacy, teaching life skills, and providing job training to get families back into a stable and sustainable future. We would like to help them complete their new facility that will house a thrift store and coffee shop and will provide on-site job training and skills.

Seed of Hope Education Center

Overseen by Global Outreach Staff Paul Meier, Seed of Hope provides housing for students from remote Thai villages while they attend Thai public school. Seed of Hope provides a safe place for students to live while they learn and ultimately help break the cycle of poverty. We would like to help them complete their Education Center, which will house a library, art room, classrooms, health room, and guest quarters for visiting teachers and volunteers.

Timothy Project

The Timothy Project serves over 150 children and young adults in the Karamoja region in northeastern Uganda, supporting their educational needs. We would like to partner with them to provide tuition and school supplies, as well as counseling and mentoring. Many of the children supported by the Timothy Project are orphans due to wars and HIV/AIDS, former street children, and pastors’ children.

Uganda Farming & Famine Relief

Global Outreach Staff Val & Waffle Lomilo work in an area in Uganda where famine and starvation are rampant. Due to global, regional and local factors, this area has been hit severely this year. We would like to provide emergency assistance, as well as funds for seed and a tractor that will vastly improve the output for farmers and their communities and stop the cycle of poverty by providing jobs and a food source, as well as some additional income.

Unto Seed Packing

Global Outreach Staff Tiana Weaver works with Unto, the humanitarian arm of Cru. Unto’s mission is to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope. We would like to partner with Unto to provide funds for and to pack seed packets that will be given to those who live in vulnerable communities. These seeds help to provide a sustainable way for recipients to feed their families and communities.