Scheduling Long Periods of Unstructured Time

by | Oct 19, 2018

This past week, five of the pastors traveled to Atlanta and Nashville for a time of coaching. Former Good Shepherd attender Kevin Marks invited our team to meet with Passion City Church’s leadership. It was a powerful day of talking with their pastoral team, sharing ideas and seeing how the Lord is blessing their ministry.

From there, we drove up to Nashville for the Leadership Pipeline conference. This included a day of speakers and two days of coaching on recruiting, developing and deploying people to serve in God’s kingdom. We met many wonderful leaders from around the nation, we learned a lot and were spurred on for the ministry. Yet, the five of us realized that some of the most powerful time of the week was simply being with one another. We had long stretches of time where we prayed, dreamed, shared ideas and listened to one another. These weren’t normal meetings, but instead unstructured times with no agenda. God showed up in powerful ways.

God echoed this reality in my personal life this week. My oldest daughter is looking at colleges and trying to figure out where she wants to spend the next four years. She and I got to spend six hours together driving to and from a college campus as well as half of the day walking the campus. I wouldn’t trade those six hours in the car for anything. I didn’t take calls or make any calls, but rather I simply listened to her share. We had a large block of time where we drove together with no agenda, and God used that time to fill my heart. I’m writing this blog as I’m just about to take off and be with Rachel walking the gardens downtown and then enjoying a meal.

There’s something to say about being efficient and being fruitful or successful, but may I encourage you this week to intentionally schedule some unstructured time with no agenda with family and friends.

Alan, Daniel and Justin did a good job sharing God’s Word this past weekend as they shared our core value that Good Shepherd desires to know and value every generation. Join us this weekend as Alan and I share the core value of building bridges with others strong enough to carry the weight of the gospel. Alan will be sharing an update on our summer Love Rockwood Give 5 initiative, and he will be sharing what’s next in our efforts to love Rockwood.