“Take a Flying Leap”

by | Sep 14, 2018

Lately, you have heard about the “Leap Event?” The idea came from an excellent book on vision and leadership we have been reading – Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez. Instead of trying to offer you an executive summary, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here’s the picture:

The woman with the torch has reached her vision/dream. It’s when you reach a critical point of your vision that your eyes must be on the next point of achieving the vision – that is the next hill to climb. When we arrive at phase 1 of the dream, we must be ready to take a LEAP of faith to climb the next hill toward phase 2 of the dream. As we climb the hill, there will be dragons and challenges to overcome in reaching the next vision. In order to advance the vision/dream, we must take a LEAP of faith.

We called the introduction to our various ministries LEAP. To advance Jesus’ vision for you to become more like Him in our words, works and ways, then we must take a leap of faith. What is your next step to take your spiritual journey to new heights? It’s our hope that you will check out the LEAP Event in the North auditorium before or after any service this weekend. This will be the last weekend of the experience. We will have our ministry leaders there to answer any questions or simply get to know them.

Last week, we began our new series entitled The Makings. For September and October, we will be sharing Good Shepherd’s mission statement, vision statement and core values. We have published our own book to help put these in writing.

We handed out one book per family, so if you did not get one last week be sure to pick one up at the lobby display this week. We encourage you to read through it, and join us in praying for God to help us achieve Jesus’ vision for His church.

Speaking of the lobby display, you can find the mission, vision and core values in the lobby.

As you can see, our foundation is the triune God and the Bible. From there, our mission and vision statements, as well as our core values, rest on those foundations. This weekend, we will be sharing 2 Timothy 3 and how Good Shepherd will continue preaching, teaching and living by God’s Word as our authority and absolute truth. God’s truth leads to our worship!

Each week, we will have an opportunity to personally engage the truth of God’s Word. The middle section of our lobby display is a board we can write on. Last week, we asked everyone to write one word for God along with their initials. Here’s what it looked like close up.

Just a heads up, next month at Good Shepherd will be filled with incredible events. Dads – be sure to invite your daughter(s) to a special night on Friday, October 5th. We value family, but even more, we value Christ being at the center of our families. Soon, you’ll hear more about our marriage event as well as our harvest party. October is going to be a lot of fun!