The Creative Gene

by | May 11, 2018

Our God is Creative

God is creative. In the first five words of the Bible, we discover the first of His attributes. He took the empty and void and filled it with stars, planets, and life. Everything was created by His Word and He called it all by name. The creative mastery of God is evident everywhere. God has also left a special mark on Oregon. It doesn’t take much to see that throughout the state, the mark of God on the landscape is evident. From the Painted Hills, to miles of ocean beaches, and incredible number of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and mountains, God’s imaginative efforts can be clearly seen.

Beyond mountains and gorges, God revealed His ultimate creative act in making humanity in the image of Himself. In an incredible act of attention and care, He formed us from dirt and animated us with His breath. He created us in His image. God’s divine vision has been stamped in His one creation made in the image of God. We are inescapably marked as creatives because God is a creative.

This means that everyone is creative!

This varies from individual to individual, of course. We’re all familiar with how creativity is expressed in the arts, via music, photography, video, and painting. However, creativity isn’t exclusive to the arts. God’s spark of creativity is seen in all our actions throughout the day, whether those are at home, at work, in the service of the church, or the work we do in our communities. Imitating God’s originality can come through introspection, intellect, or even through organization or activism.

In fact, each and every one of us has a creative gene. It just appears in different forms as we use our creative gifts.


The Church as a Home for Creatives

For centuries, the church was central to the process of creation, serving as the hub of these artistic, culture-shaping activities. Museums are filled with church-commissioned art that communicated, in beautiful and sometimes broken ways, the story of God to the world. Somewhere in our recent history, the church drifted away from that creative work. God predominantly became the Creator of knowledge while the process of innovation and creativity became the work of society. Society has suffered, as a review of any type of media, from movies to music or TV, quickly will show you.

With this backdrop, the leadership asked the question, “How can our church celebrate creativity in the church once again?” We wanted to be open to all options, regardless if that creativity came through the arts or another vehicle. We invited our elders, senior staff, marketplace thought-leaders, visual artists and musicians to collaborate and share their insights. Simply asking this question has unleashed a hidden creative passion that had laid dormant in the church for years. It allowed some of these leaders to contribute in new and creative ways to the ministry of the church, while others have contributed resources to the effort.

We have a few strong directions that our diverse creative team has agreed upon, yet we need more ideas. We hope God would stir in you a desire to glorify Him through your God-given creativity. Would you let us know any ideas that come to you as we take our next step toward revealing God’s creativity through God’s church? Share your ideas with us.