Vision Statements

by | Aug 3, 2018

Come September, the elders and staff are looking forward to sharing a small book with you. More than 50 people have been working diligently on our Good Shepherd Culture Book in which we lay out our time-tested mission statement, core values and vision statement. It is our desire that these initial podcasts will help lead us into our fall launch.

For each podcast, we will share a written summary of the main ideas discussed.

Vision Statements and the Church

In today’s episode of the Good Shepherd Podcast we discuss vision statements which differ in scope and use from our previous episode topic of mission statements. We take time to define what vision statements are, and how they are used effectively within your church.

We discuss the vision statement of Good Shepherd Church, the importance of creativity, and how to develop freedom within a framework. We will also be talking about the importance of vision statements for the family.


  • A vision statement is a more defined and directional goal compared to the mission statement.
  • Vision statements are meant to show us direction in the short-term, and they change through time, while mission statements stay the same and offer core direction.
  • Everyone needs vision because of alignment and harmony, within even small groups.
  • Good Shepherd’s Vision Statement – A community of disciples from every generation who creatively make disciples of Jesus.

In This Episode

  • What’s a vision statement, why everyone would benefit from one and how it is different than a mission statement.
  • Why guidance is needed with vision statements and how to have freedom within a framework.
  • How a church should keep a balance between creating “events”, discipleships and leading people to the Lord.



  • “If the mission statement is that directional idea, the vision statement is the first set of directions.”
  • “Good Shepherd’s Vision Statement – A community of disciples from every generation who creatively make disciples of Jesus.”
  • God is creative and we are designed by the image of God – we are creative.
  • “We want to join God in the work he is already doing.”

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