Walking with the Lord

by | Sep 14, 2018

Our subject today is about how we expand our walk with the Lord and how we live out this walk in our personal lives. I discuss with Bob the ways he’s found to make time with the Lord an ongoing priority. We also talk about ways we’ve been able to improve our relationships with Christ through self-awareness and eliminating distractions. Finally, we cover some good starting places for you to consider in the Bible, if you’re beginning to expand your own personal walk with the Lord.

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  • Christ offers us an ongoing relationship.
  • Everyone can have a different walk with the Lord depending on their season of life.
  • Scheduling time to sit with the Lord can be a helpful step.
  • Our time with the Lord is about ourselves as well as other people.

In This Episode

  • What it means to walk with the Lord.
  • How a daily devotional book can be helpful in your walk.
  • Where to start reading the Bible.
  • Which Books of the Bible are the most challenging.
  • What to do after your quiet time/study time.