Worshiping As One

by | Mar 5, 2019

Today Sean talks with David Price – Worship and Production Director at Good Shepherd Community Church. David takes us through the process that goes into planning the worship services at Good Shepherd. He also shares the decision-making process behind sound, lighting and effects.  We also cover how music is chosen for worship services. Finally, we cover some of the successes David and the team have experienced the past nine-months since he arrived.

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In This Episode

  • What it’s like to lead and prepare weekend services at Good Shepherd.
  • The difference between singing “at” the congregation vs. “with” them.
  • What’s it like to lead a congregation in worship.
  • An explanation on sound levels at Good Shepherd.
  • How lighting decisions are made.
  • How music is chosen for weekend worship services.
  • David’s favorite worship song and which songs he feels need a time of rest.
  • The secret behind David’s white shoes.