Argentina Team 1 Update #4

We have successfully completed VBS! Thank you for your prayers and support. We were told it was “the best!” This experience made for an even better time as we hopped in the van for a 2 hour drive to Rosario and really had time to bond with the ten and younger kids. Tom stopped at the nations best skatepark on the way out of town and let our very own Josh Horgos ‘Shred the Gnar.’ Even though it had been raining and there was standing water on the concrete and in the bowls, the youngsters enjoyed chasing him around and sliding down the obstacles. We had the park all to ourselves and it made for a memorable experience. Back in the van, Colleen had put together a two page activity book, and we helped the children find pictures and they helped us say the words in Spanish.

When we arrived at Rosario, we went to an interactive/educational center [similar to OMSI], and played for hours! The establishment was in an outdated train station, lots of history here. It was SO much fun doing art and metal work with the kids. Very creative and intuitive minds. They were not shy about leading us by the hand at a child’s jog to the next activity. Such warm hearts. Such grateful souls. Kids being kids, stretching their imaginations, strengthening their bonds with one another, with us foreigners…

The following day we had a chance to do the same road trip with the older kids. The bus ride was another great bonding experience! Back ‘n forth questions getting to know each other, singing, shouting, and screaming thru the tunnels. We definitely all grew closer together on this trip as we shared the Argentine Independence Day celebration! It’s very humbling to see the effort that goes into organizing a trip like this, to the next town over, keeping all 30 of us safe, engaged, and grouped together. The 17-18 year olds helping out with the 12 year olds and the mentally/physically challenged. No one is here just for themselves and I thank God for the unity amongst His children here at the Hogar and on this team.

Tonight we have our last dinner with the older kids here at the Hogar. Tom and Colleen have opened up their home for taco night and testimonies. Please be praying for our time together. Please pray the LORD speak to these kids and provide wisdom. That they hear His voice and not our own. That they see His love and faithfulness in the midst of our redemptive stories. Please pray “[we] be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak the word of God BOLDY.”
– Acts 4:31.

Also, please be praying for the health of the children and our team. Head colds, mild fevers, sore throats and coughing is running rampant!

Also asking the LORD for safe safe travels to Buenas Aíres tomorrow after lunch.

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