Argentina Team 2 Update #10

Well, we made it to Lobos before finding a hotel last night. We walked around the Plaza and visited some vendors on our way to dinner. In the picture, you can see that even at almost 9pm, the restaurant is nearly empty. It didn’t start filling until we were done; one of the many cultural differences that catches my attention each time we are out. Somewhere, I’m sure there was a local thinking “why are those guys eating so early?”

We drove for a few hours this morning and finally arrived in San Nicolas! We stopped at the Feeney residence, picked up Colleen, and took her out for lunch because it’s Mother’s Day here. It was nice to be a part of that celebration and I’m glad we got back into town in time for Tom to honor his wife.
We moved into the apartment we finished building the last time we were here. It looks like it has been very well taken care of. It’s fun to stay in a place that we poured so much of our energy into and Steve is enjoying a dream fulfilled.
I also got to see a couple of the kids from our trip 4 years ago, who are of course all grown up now. One of them, Juan, was very excited to show me that he is now taller than I am. Too late Juan, my own son has been towering over me for the last year and a half. My pride, in that regard, has already been shattered. I am looking forward to spending some more time with the children here over the next few days. We are planning on going to a few more fire stations but unless I miss my guess, Tom Feeney will have several things around the children’s home that we can help out with.
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