Argentina Team 2 Update #11

As Tom Feeney would say, “oops.” The WiFi isn’t set up here at the Hogar for us yet and it’s a holiday weekend, so I’m not sure when this update will get out. 

We spent all day [10/16] with about 20 volunteer Firefighters in Villa Constitucion. These are all people who work other jobs and respond to emergencies when needed. They were very appreciative of the time we were spending with them. We arrived at 9am, spent a few hours in the classroom, and then trained outside all afternoon until about 5pm. Initially, this training was going to be somewhat unstructured and I was kind of nervous about it because we still don’t have any of our equipment bags. Once we arrived though, the Chief showed us that he had made a Forcible Entry door prop to practice with. He is also an iron worker and welded the prop together prior to our arrival. The Firefighters hadn’t even practiced with the prop yet so Mark had a great time showing the Firefighters the best practices of breaking doors open. They loved it!
We also trained on rescue drags and placing ground ladders. Mark and I raised a ladder together for the first time, in front of a crowd, and it went great. High five Mark!
While we were training, Steve and Lenny went shopping for breakfast food. Unfortunately, Feeney doesn’t offer a Continental breakfast like the hotel we stayed at in Mar del Plata. They came back with Oatmeal! I shouldn’t be surprised since I was the one to make the shopping list, but my tummy is excited.
So far, the plan for the rest of the week is to visit a few more fire stations and spend time with the kids here at the Hogar. Plans change constantly and we’ll see what is really in store for us. We are all safe, healthy, and following where God is leading.
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