Argentina Team 2 Update #12

The Hogar is where the heart is. We spent a couple hours this morning touring the children’s home and reconnecting with the directors and staff of the facility. There have been quite a few changes to the building since I was last here. Particularly, there are now “microhogars” which are small common kitchens and eating areas that are attached to the dorm wings that the different age groups use. Before, all of the kids would eat in the main dining hall and it didn’t foster the close relational connection as well the new smaller spaces provide. The staff seem very excited about these changes. Other changes include a church being built on the property and a new play structure that has been purchased but not yet delivered.

David, the Vice President of the home, had a technician come out and fix the WiFi for us, so we all spent some time calling home and reconnecting. I know that many of you have been praying and we are experiencing the blessings you have been requesting. Even though we have faced unexpected challenges, we are here on mission and doing exactly what we were sent to do; trust God, love people, and share the powerful ways that God has moved in our lives.

Feeney hosted a taco feed tonight at his house for us and some of the teenage kids. TACO TUESDAY!! I was able to reconnect with 7 of them who are still living and working at the Hogar. The two kids with me in the picture were 12 when I was here last. One of them said he has a framed picture of me in his room which is quite humbling. Mark and I both shared our stories with the kids which I know several of them were able to relate to. Thanks for the hospitality Tom and Colleen!
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