Argentina Team 2 Update #14

Our last full day in Argentina! We had a nice devotional again this morning as a crew. I have enjoyed the last few mornings that have allowed us time to sip coffee and talk about the passages we are reading and the messages it is putting on our hearts. It has been much needed especially after the first week, which seemed like one really long day. And that’s coming from someone who is an expert in sleep deprivation.

A couple of us dropped off some laundry and then we pilfered through our leftovers in the fridge for lunch. We have been eating really good food but when it’s so late at night, plenty of unfinished meals make the trip from the restaurant to the fridge.

At 4pm, we visited with the directors of a local Bible camp. The Feeney’s know them very well and actually began their time in Argentina working at the Bible camp. It was a great visit and we were able to pray for the couple, who are experiencing some health issues.

After the visit, we went back to Villa Constitucion and ate dinner with the volunteer Firefighters we trained with on Monday. Soon after we arrived, a call came in for a power pole issue and Mark and I were able to ride along on the call! It wasn’t a super exciting call but Mark and I were thrilled to be there. The Firefighters really appreciated our enthusiasm and felt honored that we would be so excited to work with them. After coming back to the station, we ate probably an entire cow and then said our goodbyes. What an awesome group that embodies the very best of what being a public servant is; duty and sacrifice. It has been an honor to train with, learn from, and share God with my brothers and sisters down here in Argentina.


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