Argentina Team 2 Update #15

“Baby, I’m comin’ home.” – several artists in several songs, probably.

And just like that, it’s time to leave. We packed a lot into two weeks and we were successful in our mission despite the multitude of unexpected challenges that could have easily distracted us. Through team unity, discipline, and a whole lot of faith, I am happy to report that we are returning home with our heads held high having followed where we believed God was leading. We searched and found our place in God’s plan for this trip, even as our gear is still sitting in Customs. By the way, the gear may be released soon and Alberto is excited to receive and disburse it to several fire companies that need it. Like Gideon having his army trimmed and sifted, God saw fit to work in a way that would exalt Him over our own pride and capabilities. Not only was that a great lesson, but the gear will still be able to be used by people who need it.

After packing our bags this morning, we were treated to one last BBQ at the children’s home. David [“Dah-veed” for those that habla Espanol] is an amazing cook and I don’t think I’ll need to eat anything else until I get home tomorrow. Then, vegetables. Like, a whole bucket full.

One of the boys, Frederico, gave me a picture that he had framed of the two of us standing together from four years ago. I didn’t get to spend as much time with him this trip, but I made sure to recreate the picture with him before I left today. It’s easy sometimes to take love and attention for granted. Here is a young man that appreciated the attention from a normal dude from the US so much that he framed my picture. Never, ever, think that you cannot be used by God because you may never know the impact you are having.

The other picture is our team with the fire Chief of the volunteer department we trained with this week. It has been such a pleasure bonding and working with this team. Thank you to all that have contributed financially and through prayer to make this mission a success. It takes a step of faith, but if you ever feel the calm, still voice urging you to serve in this way, listen to it. It is a life changing experience for everyone involved and you will gain a deeper understanding of who God is. When He opens a door, walk through it. Even if you can’t see what’s on the other side.


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