Argentina Team 2 Update #3

We have arrived! After a long, long night, we arrived safely in Argentina. We found all of our bags of equipment and moved along to Customs. While processing through, just 20 feet from the exit, we were told that our 12 bags with all our training equipment and fire gear were going to be seized because we didn’t have the correct paperwork. We could take our personal bags but would need to go to the main Customs office in downtown Buenos Aires on Monday and then bring the paperwork back to the airport to retrieve our equipment. What an unexpected turn of events! We are staying positive and know that many people are praying for us. We also are in contact with the Mar del Plata fire department and Tom Feeney has also been a great help. God is faithful and we are being attentive to His direction and instruction. 
Please pray for our luggage that is being held. Please also pray that we remain flexible in the case that our bags are not returned to us.
And hey, at the end of a hard day, sometimes you just have to buy a couple plates of French fries.
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