Argentina Team 2 Update #4

Sometimes you know exactly how you fit into God’s plan. Sometimes you have to find out. 
We started the day at the Customs Headquarters building [pictured] in downtown Buenos Aires. We were directed there from the prior day to get the required paperwork for the release of our equipment bags. At the Headquarters, we were told that they couldn’t do anything for us and we needed to go back the airport. At the airport, they told us we needed to go to another building. I’m sure you can see where this story is going. We went to 7 or 8 different people and buildings throughout the day. We even obtained letters from the Church and Mar del Plata stating what the purpose of the gear was and what we intended to do with it. None of our efforts and planning seemed to make a difference. There are many details but basically our training equipment is being held until we can prove to Customs that it is being donated and not sold, with the official paperwork that we have not been able to obtain.
With training scheduled for tomorrow and a five hour drive ahead of us, we made the decision to continue on without the training equipment. Tom Feeney told us that this was the first time he’s had to deal with this issue and will continue to try to solve it. Our fire department contact, Alberto, is also going to be working to free up our gear over the next couple days.
Our lesson plan is significantly abbreviated and we are brainstorming how we are going to minister to these fire departments. We are here in service of God to spread His love and the Gospel. God has given us a spirit of courage and we will fearlessly move towards the unknown with confidence in God’s perfect provision and timing.
We thought we knew our role in God’s plan but now we get to find out.
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