Argentina Team 2 Update #7

What a great final day of training here in Mar del Plata! We were outside all day practicing, enjoying the warm sun on a cool day. The experience level is all across the board but a lot of the younger participants really appreciated the time and attention from us. After lunch, our training concluded with a final exercise with three different companies performing fire attack, search, and a rescue team activation at the same time. Apparently, they are used to working alone as the only company for most fires, so this was pretty complicated and a new perspective for them. 
Later, we went to the fire station for dinner and ate at the normal time of 9:30. If you are vegan or plant-based with your diet, the good news is that in Argentina you will get to try things you normally wouldn’t! The generosity and hospitality shown to us is humbling and we all gladly accepted such a delicious meal. I [Mike] shared how my life experiences have come with trauma and how God has been faithful to ease my burdens. It was an amazing time of raw human connection and if you’ve never been that real with someone about how the Creator of the universe cares about YOU, you’re missing out on a blessing from God. Steve and Tom Cooney also shared about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego which was very well received and sparked several conversations afterwards. God saves, I don’t; but I sure am glad to be a part of it.
I was peer pressured into eating ice cream by the fire Chief around 10:30, so I’ll wrap up here and try to time the sugar crash for when I’m near my bed.
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