Argentina Team 2 Update #8

Rest, recovery, and reset were the words of the day. Most of us slept in until nearly 8am! After meeting at the cafeteria for some coffee and breakfast, we bundled up our laundry and found a Laundromat down the street. I may have heard one person claim that if we delayed doing laundry any further, they were going to have to start turning clothes inside out and re-wear them.
We had a short trip around town to explore briefly and then picked up Chief Sabastian to take him out to lunch as a “thank you.” We dropped him back at the fire station and said our final goodbyes. Mark led us all in prayer as we gathered around the Chief and each of us took turns praying for him right at his front doorstep. I think the Chief likes to play the Tough Guy but from the hugs he gave us all afterwards, I could tell it really touched his heart.
We are visiting another fire station tonight and we were specifically requested to share our stories and the Gospel. It seems that many times the work of the Lord down here requires late nights and carne asada. A small price to pay!
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