Greece 1 Team – Update #4

Dear prayer warriors:

Imagine yourself walking through a village where there are hundreds of fairly large white tents, hundreds of ISO boxes (containers that look like the back of an 18 wheel truck) and many huge tents with 50 or more people living inside. White gravel walkways that run in between each row of dwellings, clotheslines strung across making it difficult to go from one dwelling to the next.  This is where we began our work today, but it was beautiful. We were able to give doctor appointment tickets to many people, free hygiene tickets to others, and free clothing tickets to many others. Some of us worked with educating young children, some built a volleyball court to entertain many others, and some passed out pillows, (yes, bed pillows) to many who dwell here. Then we all helped in the food lines passing out food to thousands of people.  We don’t call them refugees here because they haven’t found asylum yet; we call them Persons of Concern (POCs). 
The day was hard work, but oh, what a pleasure it was to ‘give a cup of water’ to these beautiful people! God really is doing something special here – He’s building His Kingdom, one person at a time.  We met a young Pakistani who spent two years in the Moria refugee camp before it burned down and there he came to know Jesus. Now he volunteers for Euro Relief serving in this camp, Mouravoni. Praise God!  God is working!
In our team devotion this morning, Dan Vorm reminded us that God blessed King Solomon with unsurpassable wisdom, and as a result the whole kingdom flourished. It seems that whatever Solomon imagined, he could accomplish–including a fabulous temple in which to worship God, and an astounding palace complex for himself.
The word that comes to mind is this: “flourishing”. Everything that Solomon touched flourished in ways that were unique and beautiful. It was a special time in Israel’s history, and perhaps a small glimpse of what we’ll experience on a day when the true King of kings sits enthroned in Jerusalem.
Yet the idea of “flourishing” can also be found in this small refugee camp here on the turbulent shores of a Greek island. There are no royal palaces, only tent structures and ISO boxes; instead of ornate gardens there are dusty gravel roadways and razor-wired fences. Yet the Spirit of God is alive in this place, and there is flourishing taking place in the hearts of many. In fact, all the great works of Solomon have been leveled, but the spiritual work God is accomplishing in this dusty camp will last forever and ever. Even the temple built by Solomon was long ago made dust, but the temple of God being built in this camp will never fade away. 
“The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many islands be glad”. 
Psalm 97:1 (NASB)
Thank you again for your prayers and support. God is moving in the nations. 

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