Greece 1 Team – Update #5

Hello everyone,
During our initial training when we arrived here at the camp, we learned that the two main objectives of the EuroRelief organizers for this camp are are:
  • to provide the basic physical needs for survival, such as food, shelter, clothing, medical needs, and safety to all the residents
  • to provide opportunities and support to these residents beyond their primary physical needs, such as boosting their confidence & desire in the next stages of life by learning new skills & developing their awareness and creativity in both children and adults. (Many of the adults had careers and were professionals before being forced from their prior lives.)

Some of our team members were able to help with both of these objectives today. We assisted on the food line with the hot milk service. Here, children aged 12 years and under get one serving of hot milk per day, babies 3 to 12 months get 3 servings per day, newborns get 4 servings per day and pregnant mothers 5 servings per day. Other adults receive no milk service. Team members also delivered tickets to residents for medical appointments, and we also continued in the pillow distribution project. 

On the growth  and development side, some team members spent time with children and adults working with them and teaching some basic skills in the English language, math, and reading, as well as playing games and reading to some of the children in the library that was established here in the camp. It has been heart-warming to see the excitement and the joy in their faces as we spend time with them doing what we can to enrich their lives while they are here.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

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