Greece 1 Team – Update #6

We’ve settled into the routine of serving in camp Mavrovouni. We appreciate the privilege of joining our voices in a worship song that carries across the camp each morning. Next, we center our hearts for the day ahead with the devotional time led by volunteers from all over the world. The long-term staff head out to their posts while we “main shifters” gather around the whiteboard to raise our hand for an assignment we are familiar with, that suits our skill set, or if we are brave or slow to raise our hand, a whole new unique opportunity to serve.

A constant for each of us as we go about our day is a smile and warm greeting for each person we come in contact with.  We are starting to recognize some of the Persons of Concern (POCs) and they are beginning to recognize us as well. More than likely it’s the red Euro-Relief shirt we are wearing that attracts their attention. We’re trusting that these relationships forged in a setting that is not ideal, but holds the opportunity for something better in the future are beneficial and up lifting.

Team members had some unique opportunities today, including tearing down a smaller tent-like structure to make room for building a larger steel pole building in the new arrivals area. This was occurring against the arrival of 30 new POCs entering the camp. We were also privileged to be able to help with clothing distribution for women and children. The women are given a ticket that they can redeem for 6 items of clothing each for themselves and their children. We continue to provide support to mom’s and toddlers by going to their dwelling where one teacher works with the mother and another teacher works with the children on basic English vocabulary. There is a wonderful library where families can drop in to check out books as well as learn new information. In the afternoon a group of volunteers work with in the library helping children to learn to read English, colors, numbers and shapes. We also had an opportunity to work in the Women’s Engagement Center (WEC) where there are opportunities for women to mend clothing and do crafts, including painting, drawing, and making bracelets. This WEC is designed to be a haven for women where they can enjoy the company of other women, including the female volunteers.

Please continue to pray for those that do not know the Lord, both the volunteers and the POCs. 

Thank you for your prayers!


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