Greece 1 Team – Update #7

We started another week in the camp this morning and had a very good day. We have enjoyed our assignments, which can range from handing out pillows to teaching children shapes, colors, and numbers, to arranging appointments for dentists and doctors. We’ve done construction work and helped in the Women’s Community Center where women can come and sew, iron, have their nails done and just fellowship over a cup of tea. There are three food lines every noon hour that we help serve meals. It’s impossible to not have a new and profound appreciation of the kind of things we take for granted in the US. Life in the camp is difficult and endless, and it’s hard to get some of the images of the challenges that the residents face out of our minds. On the other hand, we have had some wonderful divine appointments, and we are constantly touched by the people’s appreciation for what we’re doing while we’re here.

Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s power upon us and more continued opportunities to share the love of Christ.


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