Greece 1 Team – Update #8

Hello prayer warriors.

In our past updates, we’ve told you about what we have been doing, and that is good and even amazing. But today, we want to tell you about the things we have seen God doing.

During food distribution, hot milk is dispensed into large empty water bottles that the POC’s bring to be filled. This day, two of us were working together on one of the food lines serving milk. The amount given is dependent upon the size of the family. On this particular day, near the end of the lunch service, the milk container was almost empty, but the POC’s kept coming for their portion of milk. We prayed, ‘Lord, please don’t let the milk run out!’ The last person arrived and we prayed again that we could give him at least one serving of milk, but he needed four. When the last drop of milk was dispersed it had exactly four servings! God is so good! It is such a joy to be serving the people in Mavrovoni, but it is even more exciting to see God working in their lives and our lives.

Also, one of our team members got to share the gospel with one of the residents. He had questions about the Trinity, about Christ’s sacrificial death, why God would kill his own Son, about Heaven and Hell, and why the GSCC volunteer had such strong feelings about faith. It was a very emotional time and clear evidence that our prayers are being answered. We’re hoping to continue the conversation. Please be praying for Abdulla.

Thank you again for your prayers.  


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