Greece Team Update #4

The 4th of July was tremendous!

Certainly untraditional. But wow, freedom was ringing. Our team hand delivered over 700 bibles in a town right outside of an ancient City. We divided the town into 8 groups and gave every home a Bible in the town of 4000 people. The heat was overbearing in the mid 90’s, but our spirits were strong, smiles were large, and hearts were full.

We met up in the evening with the other groups, well over 150 others for dinner and worship. Also a magical experience. There were 27 countries represented as we distributed and then came together to worship. We sang worship songs to melodies we know, but the words we had never heard before, but the countenances reflect joy, love, gratitude and pleasure in the most familiar ways we know. Impossible to misinterpret the heart felt sentiment even though infrequently seen in such ubiquitous fashion. What a day!

We push again today into new villages. We receive our assignments shortly.

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