Greece Team Update #7

“Why were we distributing New Testaments in the villages in Greece? Because we long for these precious people to understand God has provided a way to have a personal relationship with him” – Dan Vorm

Prayer was an indispensable part of our New Testament distribution. Each day we were out pounding the pavement in the intense sun and heat each person carrying up to 50 New Testaments. While we were out a team stayed behind and prayed for soft hearts and fertile soil. When a team member broke his ankle [not a Good Shepherd team member] while carrying New Testaments on apartment stairs, the message went out on WhatsApp and all prayed. When Dan Vorm was questioned by a policeman and a priest, all were praying which resulted in a good outcome. We are grateful for your prayers.

The scope of the project is staggering. This year’s work ends 17 years of New Testament distribution in Greece. Every home and apartment in Greece other than the 2 largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, have received a New Testament.

Through the years there have been personal testimonies of divine appointments. Here are a few:

  • At least twice people had chosen to commit suicide when their plans were interrupted by someone delivering a New Testament.
  • A shepherd who was in the shade by his flock was approached. When offered a New Testament he lit up and said, “I already have one.” He pulled out a well worn New Testament that he received in an earlier year’s distribution.
  • A person selling honey prayed for salvation after a team member gave them a New Testament and prayed with him.

This year a team distributed New Testaments to a town where there had recently been 7 suicides and the residents felt their town was forgotten. The team prayed and mourned with a father who had recently lost his daughter. Hellenic Ministries revisits those who have been receptive on a monthly basis.

We are all eternally grateful for the opportunity to go to Greece and serve. We are marked by the experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayer and support and for partnering with us!

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